I don’t typically write reviews but my family has been so blown away by The Ivy School that I had to share our experience. We found the Ivy School after having a horrific experience at another daycare and honestly didn’t know to expect. These fears vanished when Ms. Vida opened the door to welcome us with a big smile and warm personality. She makes you just want to hug and exudes TLC which my 2 year old son loves. The school is impeccably clean and in the one month that my son has been attending, he hasn’t been sick once. At his last daycare, he was perpetually sick for 4 months. The director, Ms. Vida is extremely accommodating-the schools hours were a bit shorter than what we needed and she introduced extended hours for a fee which is much more affordable than paying a babysitter to watch him for a couple hours. He wakes up every morning excited to go school and see his friends. He’s also learning more here than he ever has before. He’s only 2 years old and the other night he was telling me about pentagons and diamonds while dropping in some of the Spanish he’s been learning. I’m so impressed by the curriculum and the quality of every single teacher. It’s clear, that the children’s education is a top priority for them as well. They’re patient, understanding, loving and I feel as though I left my son with family. I also love their conflict resolution approach. My son is high energy, loves to push the boundaries and is still going through his “mine mine mine” phase but they’re able to gently course correct him when he’s misbehaving and are sensitive to the fact that he’s still a 2 year old and sharing at this age isn’t exactly common sense. They’re willing to meet your child where he/she is and help them comprehend their behavior. I could go on and on about the school, the staff and the director but honestly, there’s nothing like the real thing so you need to book a tour and see for yourself!