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HiMama SubscriberWe inspire learning through play and the arts in order to sustain the creativity that we inherently possess at birth. The Ivy School offers a wide variety of classes to our students that range from courses in kindness and good manners to yoga, dance and foreign languages. Our classrooms open the mind to advanced technology and emphasize the relationship between education and global responsibility. We provide children with skills that will prepare them for life as well as the rigors of the modern educational system. The quality of our care and curriculum lies with our four main ideals. We believe in Citizenship, Health & Wellness, Literacy and Technology. The Ivy School is a comprehensive preschool that allows parents the peace of mind they seek when choosing primary care that is safe, reliable and supportive of their individual parenting styles and choices.

The Ivy School’s competitive edge is two-fold:

Specialized Training

A school is only as good as the staff which it employs. With this in mind, The Ivy School has a specialized training program that all teachers and assistants are required to complete. Staff members must be proficient with care, play, learning and safety protocol that is unique to our facility. Our staff training and hiring process includes an intensive list of courses that must be completed in order to gain employment with our school. All staff members will be required to complete CPR and First Aid training as well as security measures and protocol implementation and execution.

Innovative Learning Programs

The Ivy School will feature state of the art equipment and learning tools necessary to growth and development. We offer a range of courses that are guaranteed to stimulate our pupils both mentally and physically. We believe in a whole child approach. We have four main ideals from which our courses have been designed. Citizenship is first because we care about our students as people. It is important for us to teach young learners to be kind and encourage impeccable manners. From table etiquette to recycling we believe that children must learn to be good citizens. The importance of kindness will be an underlying theme in all of our courses. Health and Wellness make up our second ideal and for that we have courses that vary from health and nutrition to yoga, dance, boxing and karate. We will offer organic and gluten-free meal options as well as culinary innovation and delights that highlight various cultures. Literacy is key for children in pre school. It is important to prepare children for the rigors of kindergarten. We offer literacy and phonics courses as well as language courses, which encourage literacy, while also stimulating the child’s ability to communicate in multiple languages. Technology is our final ideal and focus. Children born in today’s society simply learn differently than children who were born just seven years ago. The way they think and relate to others has changed drastically due to technology exposure and use in the home. Many children as young as 8 months often understand the basic operations involved in using a cell phone or tablet. While we believe it is important to cultivate a love of learning and healthy relationship with technology we also believe that over exposure to such devices can be detrimental to important social and developmental skills. Therefore we propose a balance of technology and information literacy that will teach our pupils how to think and use technology to their best advantage, while maintaining core social aspects of growth necessary to the age group.